Prototype LoRaX estimated to send 27,500 LoRa messages

A picture of the prototype LoRaX.We’ve been busy the last month, hence the long silence on this blog. Still, we did make a lot of progress on several fronts. I was mostly occupied with this prototype LoRaX board. I’ve programmed the Murata chip on it to send periodic Lora messages and enter a deep sleep mode in between messages.

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An RN2483 based LoRaWAN board

This TvB LoRaWAN board uses the RN2483 LoRaWAN modem.This RN2483 based LoRaWAN board was designed and built by eTh0maz Electronics. It has performed beyond our expectations. He sent it to us on the third of February – running on three AAA batteries. We could track its course through the country – using the KPN LoRa network – before it arrived here. It’s kept steadily sending messages and we do not expect it to stop any time soon.
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New hardware ­– It’s so tiny!

Size comparison between a Murata LoRa chip and a two euro coin. The tiny hardware is much smaller than the coin.We’ve gotten our hands on some tiny hardware samples from Murata for our LoRa project. These are about a fifth of the size of the previous chips we used. With this tiny hardware it might be possible to create a tracker that’s smaller than a two euro coin – excluding the battery. With a stacked coin cell battery the completed device might actually look like a fat coin. For now we need to get these chips soldered onto a test board.

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